This is a "not so pretty" picture of your brain.  A new one is coming (picture, not brain).  The point is your brain is  most likely 90% rumination....over and over, the same worries, emotions, NEGATIVE self talk.  Not OK and will NOT continue in our work.

Judith MacDowell, LCSW


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This is life, and the puzzle pieces will not fit perfectly, but how you feel about this life and the associated emotions WILL change.  Promise.

​​Judith A. MacDowell MPH, MPA, LCSW CCATP

Judith has over 25 years of experience in assessment and therapy interventions with adults, older children and families.  This happens mostly in individual sessions,  as a fully remote clinician, with family or couples as needed.

WELCOME to, my private practice.

Thank you!  Wishing you:

A Little More to Know:

I highly value a sense of direction and optimism, that doesn't mean all is OK, but begins the process of an engaging,  trusting, compassinate, evidenced based and goal oriented program.  Every session, with a targeted plan, is individualized, always, and may need to adjust to a "real life" challenge or crisis. This is to say, that we are structured, with individual and relationship goals, but not rigid or looking to follow a "one fits all" program.  The foundation of our work will include Cognitive Behavioral approach, to support two individuals that choose a relationship, focusing on thoughts, thought processing and behaviors.  Changing thought patterns (that automatic thought of defensiveness, vulnerability and "here we go again" ) is replaced by communication skills, tools for problem solving, conflict resolution, empathy, that guides you to a base to begin to heal and experience a new future.   

  • ​ While CBT is outcome based in behavior change, the process is individualized and addresses other potential underslying issues, such as anxiety or depression. 
  • It's not a quick fix, but targets REAL change.  Thoughts and behaviors are linked so we must start with the integrity of thoughts. 
  • Essential supports to CBT are mind/body health and tools to connect change to daily life reality. 
  • CBT is often supported by insight, family systems therapy and a more eclectic approach. ​

 If you are visiting this website, congrats, as there is no doubt that finding the right  therapy that seems to "ring true" to your needs is a challenge.  You already know it's an important life decision and TRUST that it is more important than you think.  I have my many years of practice and engagment with clients to be sure of that statement.  Take the emotions you are feeling right now and get to a goal.  Do you want to feel less frustrated (burned out), less angry, less sad?  That's a start.  You also want more peace in your thinking......Yes, you are enough!!  You are also an amazing human with dreams and strengths and failures.  And yes, I wish it wasn't true, but success takes failure, falling down or whatever vision you want to give it.

So, where ever you are with searching, bring all of that to an initial session with me and you will get somewhere.  Promise.  Of course, the importance of trust, empathy, compassion and hopefulness should be top of the list of our partnership.  

What else?   My practice is (also added to come: so, a cognitive behavioral approach is the foundation of where we start; the full expectation is that your past experiences, family system, culture, possible trauma, messages you interpreted and want to change, all have a role in making the change you seek and making it an authentic part of your life. We start where you are and is that is strong sadness/depression, anxiety or a traumatic event, then we work on how you wish tomorrow to be different than today.