WELCOME to Relationship Rescue!

Judith has over 25 years of experience in relationship counseling with couples, partnerships, and how ever you define your relationship.  I will offer you a program committed to a renewed LIFE .

The forest of life may feel dark and heartless right now, but walking through the trees, you will hear your wisdom and chose a path..

​​Judith A. MacDowell MPH, MPA, LCSW CCATP

You CAN choose the path.  Believe it.


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Our Partnership Begins! 

From our first meeting, you will have a sense of direction and optimism, not because all is well, but because you will know you are engaging in a trusting, compassinate, evidenced based and goal oriented program.  Every session, with a targeted plan, is individualized, always, and may need to adjust to a "real life" challenge or crisis. This is to say, that we are structured, with individual and relationship goals, but not rigid or looking to follow a "one fits all" program.  The foundation of our work will include Cognitive Behavioral approach, to support two individuals that choose a relationship, focusing on thoughts, thought processing and behaviors.  Changing thought patterns (that automatic thought of defensiveness, vulnerability and "here we go again" ) is replaced by communication skills, tools for problem solving, conflict resolution, empathy, that guides you to a base to begin to heal and experience a new future.   My section on FAQ may also give you additional insight into the theory, expertise that can be part of your path to change.

I suggest that you commit to 5 sessions with me, this is a small commitment to such a potential for change.  After 5 sessions, we do a review of the strengths you have activated through thought and behavior change.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the primary techniques for greater self awareness,  through thought and behavior change.  You will have a foundation for meaningful change and will have used the plan and tools to practice the skills that translate to the new version of your future.  Then, decide what you need next, reinforcement, focus in selected areas or a new direction. 

  • While CBT is outcome based in behavior change, the process is individualized and addresses other potential underslying issues, such as anxiety or depression. 
  • It's not a quick fix, but targets REAL change.  Thoughts and behaviors are linked so we must start with the integrity of thoughts. 
  • Essential supports to CBT are mind/body health and tools to connect change to daily life reality. 
  • CBT is often supported by insight, family systems therapy and a more eclectic approach. 
  • ​CBT has substantial research to support its effectiveness with individuals and couples.


 If you are visiting this website, you have taken the most important step to a new future, one that reflects your full potential and your vision of life in a relationship.  Challenges are inevitable, but,  commmitted action is the key to a new future.  My commitment to you is to offer my 25 years of experience, specialized expertise, certifications and more to an individualized, short term, outcome based, compassionate new beginning.  First steps include an  assessment (including you & your partner in personality traits, what contributes to your patterns of communication).  This leads to a plan that prioritizes structure, cognitive tools and goal setting for change in behavior.  A change in your expectations will be supported by your confidence in the goals and reset of past thoughts and behaviors. Your therapeutic relationship with me will reflect the respect that comes with solid trust, safety, empathy, structure and hopefulness for the future you build.