Judith A. MacDowellMPA, MPH, LCSW CCTAP

Session Fees

 Invest in yourself ! Cliche?  Perhaps, but it is your life and the quality of it depends on your choices: make it quality of life.  We all act out of fear sometimes, impulse, feeling loney or isolated and lessons from the past.  Let's not make that all of it, you have the courage, inspiration and dreams....don't waste this time. 

All sessions have been conducted via Teletherapy video sessions since March of 2020.  I am Board Certified in the delivery of Teletherapy and use a platform called Doxy that is secure, HIPPA compliant, used by health professionals.  This system is very user friendly and reliable (no download or membership required for clients). My current clients have found this to have advantages over traditional in person meetings to include; comfort of home, no commuting, privacy and convenience of many of our remote work schedules.  There is significant research to support the quality, engagement and effectiveness of Teletherapy.

Thank you

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Teletherapy for all sessions, now and immediate future.

Insurance: IN NETWORK with Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Cigna, that's it.  You  may have a co-pay, which I collect by credit card. Don't let insurance stop you as you may have out of network benefits and/or choose self-pay.