Trust & Partnership:   True partnerships are interactive, as will be our work together.  I believe our path to change includes building new frameworks, release triggers to behaviors you wish to change, built upon your strengths. Goals and outcomes will be clear and outcomes must be "life real".  This will include a very solution focused approach, with insight and family systems theories as support.  It usually includes "homework" to support your development of new skills (coping toolbox so to speak).  You will feel free to contact me through email regularly. I am also a certified Distance Counselor (DCC) and can offer video/skype based sessions.

New Future

New Emotions

Focus & Balance:  You have made the choice for change, to walk a new path.  With over 20 years of experience, my chosen expertise will support your choice in unique ways. My clinical focus includes behavior and emotions, often put into diagnoses of; Anxiety issues, Depression/Mood issues, ADHD/Autistic Spectrum, Eating Disorders, Stress/Performance, Family Communication/Parent Coaching, Children's emotional and behavioral issues.  My intervention approach is individualized with a Cognitive/Dialectical Behavioral/ framework for change of thoughts, emotions, triggers and behaviors. Tools to support chosen outcomes may include biofeedback, neurofeedback, a wealth of resources and other mind/body supports.  

Please feel free to call me for a complimentary consultation at (929)278-5980.


Families:   We are all families, whether of one or many and of many components.  Families are part of a culture & environment unique to you.  I have extensive experience with families in determining communication dynamics, understanding and setting a successful future for challenges in behavior, emotions, life events that may be temporary or chronic.  Leadership in the family is critical and must come from the values and goals of the adults.  Children with behaviors that are destructive, angry, emotionally driven that effect the broader functioning of the family need assessment, solution focused and compassionate outcomes.   I will provide you with the framework, tools, support and hope needed.  But, you must take the step of change for your future.   

Thank you!

I look forward to speaking to you and best of luck in your journey.


Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to call me for a complimentary phone consultation.   Making the first step to change is a challenge, and, here you are!  The following brief descriptions will guide you to the unique components of what I may offer in your partnership with me.  The depth and years of professional experience give you insight into my expertise and commitment.  I also believe that goal setting and solution focused expectations should be part of our first meeting.,  guided by your needs, values and priorities..  My goal is to support current challenges into new behaviors, communications, emotions and continue success in the paths you choose.

Judith A. MacDowell  LCSW  DCC

Counseling Services for Children, Adults & Families.