Judith A. MacDowell MPA, MPH,  LCSW  CCATP

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My partner and I tried several other therapists, including on line therapy, but this experience was really first rate; kindness, engagement and optimism is appreciated and Judith's expertise is the real deal and worth the search. I see my wife and I on a new path.

Danni  11/21


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It's hard to begin relationship therapy when you don't know where to start and just feel like groundhog day with tension and disrespect and feeling sad.  I honestly feel hopeful and appreciate Judith's compassion and solution focused, accountability with us.  Whatever happens, I am going to make changes for good.

Christine K    11/21

Attentive and compassionate. Lucky to have Judith to work with me through my life journey.
May 5, 2021 by Marc L.

My wife and I were planning to postpone our wedding and not due to COVID.  Judith acknowledged that, didn't try to "fix it" or ask "how do you feel".  She respected us, listened and was very active and engaged with comments and suggestions.   I felt heard and she set a plan that was a relief to both of us.  I went from zero energy to some feeling of actively trying.
Steven  October, 2021

Judith is hands down fantastic. A wonderful listener, a fantastic person to talk to when things feel rough. She’s been a lifesaver during a difficult year.
Sarah C  August, 2021

It’s always a great experience working with Judith. She is a warm person and an empathetic listener and expertly guides conversation toward learnings. She never rushes through a session and helps me feel recognized and valued.

Erica S    September 2021

My partner and I have had a VERY difficult year and we met with a very engaged, compassionate therapist, that was very skilled at balancing both our needs in a first session, left us with short term goals, and tools to move forward.  

Karen K, 10/2021

Honestly, Judith is the best. I had my first session today and I have already scheduled my next appointments. She is everything I needed and more. Very attentive, professional and caring. I loved how she took the time for us to get to know each other before we jumped straight into the session. Would HIGHLY recommend!!!
7/2019 by Kaleigh C.

Judith was a joy to speak to, and I'll certainly be returning.
May 16, 2019 by Matthew N.

I really loved my first visit with Judith. I expected to talk and her listen and nod like many doctors I’ve visited in the past. Instead, she was engaging with great questions that guided our conversation. The best part was she left me with tools and actions to take for the week ahead. She also didn’t pressure me for another appointment, although I look forward to returning to see her.
May 9, 2019 by Lauren P

Judy is truly wonderful. Not all therapists are equal, and Judy definitely sets the bar very high. She is warm, attentive and is equipped with numerous tools and resources to help.
by Victoria L.

Excellent therapist with a solutions-oriented approach to help manage your mental health. I highly recommend her.
Dec 22, 2018 by Jared K.

Judith is the most compassionate, calm, and helpful therapists I’ve ever seen. She really listens and does a great job at giving feedback that will really impact your day to day life. I can’t recommend her enough!
verified client in ZocDoc 2019  Vanessa V