Fees and other Essentials

I respect your search for the best fit for therapeutic support and fees that will enable you to make the commitment you may need.   I am happy to speak and/or email with you to discuss how I may provide support to your search.  I believe I provide services that represent a unique set of skills, expertise and service. 

I am currently in-network with the following insurance carriers: These are all commercial plans (not government, managed care or Medicaid)

 Anthem/Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield



If you have a different insurance carrier than above, they may consider me an "out of network" provider.  Please check to see if you have out of network benefits and if this extends to Behavioral Health.  If so, I am happy to provide the paperwork/receipts needed.  Many plans will reimburse you at a significant percentage.

For all other situations, you will be a self-pay client and my fee is $150.00 per 50 minute hour (or however long the session goes. (if we both agree that the session is extended 15 minutes, for example, the charge does not change.)

​It is expected that fees are paid at the time of service (such as a weekly session or group) unless you have worked out another arrangement with me.  This is very individualized, but is manageable.  I accept cash, check and credit cards.  As mentioned, you will receive a receipt from me for every session that documents the service and other information, including fees paid. I do work with a sliding scale fee.

Fees Include:

Individual Session,(if not using insurance) 50 minutes:  $150.00  (child, adult or family session)

​Extended Assessment, 80 minutes:  $200  (child or adult).  In the case of a child, the time for assessment may include other supports such as document review.  The age and comfort of the child will be the determination of the length of the assessment and the remaining time is spent with consultation of parent, guardian, caretaker, etc.  An assessment is usually necessary at the beginning of treatment.  I do not provide assessments for child custody or abuse cases at this time. 

​Group Session, 45 minutes (varies on age of child/subject area):  $50.00 per 45 minute session. This then allows for a 5-10 minute communication with the care taker to provide activity guidance, review. Ongoing groups are described below, but may be posted on my site a month or so before a new group starts.  I also consult with schools and may do small groups in the school and also parenting groups through the school activity coordinator. 

 I  have ongoing groups in several areas and please call for information:

            *   Anxiety Group

            (other groups TBD)


With all groups, all materials are provided at no additional fee. 

 Home Visits , are managed on an individual basis and depend on the client's needs, travel, etc.  A home visit is often scheduled for 60-90 minutes depending on circumstances.  A home visit starts at $200 per 60 minute session.  Most home visits take place near my office in Brooklyn, but arrangements can be made.

​Thank you and please feel free to call me at (929)278-5980 for questions. 

Email is a more reliable way to get a timely response (judithmacdowell@gmail.com).